When God Calls Our Name

Abraham, Moses, Samuel and Paul are among those people who heard the voice of God in a special way. God called them to a different place and life, to a mission, to become a prophet and judge, and to become an apostle of the new community of disciples. We could mention many others but these will give us an idea about the call of God. Sometimes we think that God calls only special people. Other times we think that His calls were limited to biblical times. We could not be more wrong. God is still calling people.

God did not stop calling people by name, but He has been doing this in a different way. Today it is the Spirit who lives inside of us who calls us. The Spirit is that voice that guides us through our hearts and minds. It comes through reading, studying, and meditating on the Scriptures, with an impression of His hand on our hearts. Other times it is just that small voice telling us where to go or what to do. We know when He is calling. The problem is not the calling, the problem is with us.

Sometimes we do not hear because of the background noise. We live in a noisy world. Right now as I am writing this, I have a fan on, the A/C is on, the computer is making noise, and people in the other room are talking. There are other kinds of noise that muffle the sound of God’s voice. They are emotional noises, intellectual noises, and spiritual noises. With all of them, it is hard to hear His voice.

Sometimes we hear but we do not respond because we are busy. When was the last time that you stopped and listened to the voice of God? The system of this world is accomplishing its task to impede us from hearing and responding to God’s call. You heard His call, but you cannot do anything right now because your schedule is full. It is like sending God to the end of the line, and ask Him to wait a little bit more. Some of us have a call from God that was issued a long time ago, and God is still waiting for our answer.

Sometimes we do not hear because we do not want to answer. Some of us try to keep busy and to stay around as much noise as possible because we do not want to answer God’s call. It is like we almost know what He will ask and we do not want to go or to do it. We have a different agenda in mind. We have our own plans, our own life to live, and we do not want to change that with what God has for us. On the other hand some of us are just afraid of what He will ask. We think that He will put us in a bad situation, and ask something very difficult.

My friend, maybe you are not listening God’s call for you because of the noise. Maybe you are too busy, or maybe you do not want to hear. This does not mean that God is not calling you. Some of you have been called a long time ago, and God is still waiting for your answer. Some of you have a new call coming up. My advice for you is to open your ears and heart, to listen to His voice, and after listening, respond.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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