People who missed a great opportunity to have the Savior in their house

In Brazil we decorate for Christmas, but not like here. People here take Christmas decorations to the extreme. I remember the first time that I saw that. We had an American missionary friend in Brazil, and I went to his house a few times. So I was familiar with what the house looked like. Until the day that I went there during the Advent season. It was another house. All the decorations were changed, lights, trees, presents, etc. I hardly recognized the place. It was a cultural shock for me.

By now your house, if your family is an average one, is totally decorated for the Christmas season. Santa, trees, lights, and if you are a religious person, you will have a manger scene somewhere there.

We all know that most of the symbols of Christmas that we use come from pagan traditions. With that said, I would like to ask this: How many Christian symbols do you have in your house? Are they in the most visible or important area of the house? How do they compare with the other symbols?

Christmas is about one person – Jesus. He really is the reason for the season. Unfortunately, we are missing the opportunity to have Him in our house during the season.

This reminds me of the original Christmas story, when Joseph and Mary were looking for a place to stay and they could not find any, so they had to stay in a cave where the animals were sheltered. You can read the story in Luke2: 1-7.

At that time, in a small town like Bethlehem, they did not have a traditional or regular Inn. What they had were homeowners who would build extra rooms in their houses to make some extra money during the religious holidays. Joseph, Mary, and their son Jesus could not find a home to entertain them, so the cave with a manger was the best that they could have.

That family that owned the manger missed the opportunity to have the Son of God born inside their house. Can you imagine that? If they knew that that little boy was the Son of God, they probably would give their best room and serve them with the best that they had. Do not get me wrong; if we were in that situation we would do the same.

So, where is Christ during this season? Is He present in your house? Is He present in your family? Is He present in your life? Does He have the preeminent place? Is He celebrated, worshiped, and followed? Are you replacing Him with other symbols, characters, celebrations, and parties?

During this season, do not miss the opportunity to have Christ in your house, in your family and in your life. Make an extra and intentional effort to bring Christ back to Christmas. That boy came to be the Savior, the Emmanuel – God with us. So when Christ is in your life, it means that God Himself is present with you.

My friend, celebrate Christmas in the best way you can, but do not forget that Christmas is Christ. Because of that move Him to the center of your festivity and put Him in the first place in your life.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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