Psalm 122 – Why Go to Church? – Part 2

There are many reasons why people stop going to church. Here is a survey with the top ten reasons. Some reasons mentioned here are valid ones, but some are just an excuse for people who do not want to go to church. 

Top Ten Reasons People Stop Attending Church

1. Simply got too busy

2. Family/home responsibilities prevented attendance 

3. Church members seemed hypocritical 

4. Church members were judgmental of others 

5. Moved too far from church 

6. Work situation prevented church attendance 

7. Church was not helping me develop spiritually 

8. Stopped believing in organized religion 

9. Church was run by a clique that discouraged involvement 

10. Got divorced/separated 

We live in a time that people do not need a good excuse or reason to stop attending church. Just not willing to go would be a good reason for many. They do not need to explain or defend their decision. They just don’t go, period.

The Psalm 122 gives us strong and important reasons to go to church. The second one is because church is a HAVEN. In a quick changing world where we do not know anymore where we are and what is going on; the church provides a sense of security and protection.

This is what the psalmist states in the verse 3:“[3] Jerusalem is built like a city that is closely compacted together.” Those pilgrims had to travel long distances and sometimes they crossed dangerous areas. To get to Jerusalem with its big walls and strong gates was a relief for them.

That is the same feeling that we should have when we come to church – a time of relief and refreshment in our spiritual life. Church should be a place where everybody feels safe and protected.

The third reason to go to church is to WORSHIP. We go to church not only to escape from the world, we go there to worship God and praise His name.

The second part of the verse 4 states this: “[4b] to praise the name of the Lord according to the statute given to Israel.” Our main goal in church is to Praise the name of the Lord. He is the most important person in our service.

Sometimes we substitute Him with things, people and activities. It is not the Pastor; it is not the choir; it is not the children, nor the elders. It is not the music style and the facilities. The Lord is the one who should be praised and worshipped.

The second thing that the verse mentions is that we should do that “according to the statute given to Israel.” That means that we should worship God according to His Word.Sometimes we do many things in the service that has no place or support in His Word; we do it because we like it, or because we always did it that way. Worship should not be about personal preferences. We do not go to church to do what we want or like. We go to the church to worship the Lord according to His statutes.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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