Psalm 128 – The Blessings of the Lord – Part 1

In Brazil it is common to live in houses with grades and bars in the windows, reinforced doors and gates, high walls with broken glasses to protect against burglars and robbers. People are locked inside their houses while the bad guys walk freely in the streets. It is a very sad situation.

I remember my shock when I arrived in America and did not see walls around the houses. Everyday, during my first weeks, I would go outside in the end of the day to collect the toys and tools that were left on the front yard. My hosts, had fun with me.

After a while they challenged me to let it go one day and see if the toys and tools would be there the next morning. I accepted the challenge, and the next day to my surprise, everything was there untouched. It was then that I realized that America really was a different place.

Violence, immorality, doubts, despair, drugs, child abuse, among other things are staining our world. How can we have a better place where we are? Maybe more police, more laws, more security companies, etc.?

Our starting point is wrong. We want a better country and if we have that, we will have a better family and then we will be better.

God has a different approach: He starts with the person, goes to the family, and then, and only then, goes to the community. This is what we learn with Psalm 128.

The word blessing means happy, fortunate. The blessed one is the one who God makes happy and rewards. Let us see the steps toward the blessings of the Lord.

1 – IN THE PERSONAL LIFE – The first step is in our personal life. We are, most the time, turning the pyramid upside-down. We want the national and community blessings to come to us in our personal life. That is not going to happen.

The blessings start first in our personal life. The psalmist helps us to see that.

            A – Its causes – The first thing he shares with us are its causes. Verse one says: [1] Blessed are all who fear the Lord, who walk in his ways.”

                        I – Fear of the Lord – The first cause is the fear of the Lord. That is the realization that God is God and He is all-powerful and almighty. The sense that He is the Lord should make us tremble.

                        II – Obedience – walking in his ways – The second cause for the blessing in our personal life is obedience. The psalmist says that we should walk in His ways. When we fear the Lord we sure will obey Him, and do whatever He says in His Word.

            B – Its Results – Fruits – After that the psalmist will tell us the results of that kind of life, its fruits. The second verse says: [2] You will eat the fruit of your labor; blessings and prosperity will be yours.” 

                        I – Blessings – The first fruit is the personal happiness. The person that fears and obeys the Lord is a happy and fortunate person.

                        II – Prosperity – The second fruit is the prosperity. That person will advance in all directions of his or her life.

As you can see, God is willing to bless our country, community, and family, but he will star with you and me. Are you ready?

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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