Psalm 133 – The True Christian Fellowship – Part 1

Please, ponder these questions:

  1. What are the activities that you do with your friends?
  2. How often you do them?
  3. Are your friends of the same age?
  4. How many people from the church are part of your inner-friends circle?
  5. Do you share your spiritual life with them?

These are simple questions that help us to check the level of our Christian fellowship. In an era when relationships are built up through the internet and phone messages, it is crucial for us to evaluate our friendships and fellowships.

Psalm 133 is one of the shortest psalms in the Scriptures, but it is also one of the most beloved. The lessons that we learn from this short poem are among the biggest ones.

People who were traveling long distances to Jerusalem for the Festivals would form a bond. They had to trust in each other; they had to help each other; they had to learn from each other. That experience would bring them together for life. That bond was so strong that we could compare it with the bond that people have in the army, or in a long mission trip.

In this kind of trip, you share not only things, but also your life; and that would take the fellowship to another level. 

The psalmist here teaches us important lessons about fellowship. Let us see how that works.

The first lesson that we learn is that the True Christian Fellowship IS A HOLISTIC EXPERIENCE. That is the first thing that we learn here in this psalm. It is more than just a superficial connection. It involves a spiritual and physical experience.

In that kind of trip, you have to share things with each other, but also you would share your spiritual life. Because they were going to Jerusalem for the Festivals, the topic of the festivals certainly would come up, the meaning of the trip, the expectations, etc.

David states: “[1] How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” He uses two words to express the spiritual aspect of that fellowship, the first one is “good” and the second one is “pleasant”.

The fellowship in our Christian community should be good and pleasant. We, as Christians should feel good to have these brothers and sisters around us. We also should feel pleasure to have this kind of fellowship with each other. That kind of fellowship does not appear out of nowhere, it is made, constructed.

Besides the spiritual aspect we have the physical aspect. The psalmist gives us two ideas about this, the first is “to live together” and the second one is “in unity”.

We need these two things to have this kind of fellowship. Only living together will not do it; we need to live in unity. They were together, walking in the same direction, to worship and serve God. That is the aspect that we need in our lives.

My friend, we all need this kind of fellowship. The church was supposed to be a place where this fellowship would be facilitated and implemented. We cannot take the Christian journey alone. We need brothers and sisters that will go with us, no matter how difficult the journey. 

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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