The Reason for the Season – Part 2

Christmas is Christ with us, is God with us. God incarnated and made His tabernacle with us. The beauty of Christmas is that God will not leave us or abandon us. This is what we learn with the word Emmanuel. Let us see other aspects of that presence.

THE SPIRITUAL PRESENCE – As I said it is not only a physical presence. It is a spiritual presence also. The same Spirit that was in Jesus is the Spirit that He sent to us. When Jesus went to heaven, He sent the Holy Spirit to be with us. That is the guarantee that He is with us today. We have His presence through the Holy Spirit.

His presence is invisible but not unreal. It is invisible, but real. God is with us through his Holy Spirit. He lives in us. He guides us. He teaches us. Sometimes we can feel Him, and sometimes we can only believe that there is someone up there looking over us. 

The Spirit is here now, not only to help us to know Jesus and bless us. He is here to make us the body of Christ. How can the world see Jesus and His love? It is through you and me. The Spirit is working in the church and in us individually to make us look like Jesus, therefore the world can see how Jesus is, how His love and mercy are. 

We represent Jesus in this world. Because of that we must look like Him, talk like Him, and act like Him. To accomplish that the Holy Spirit has the Word of God and the Church with her leaders to make us look like Jesus. It is His spiritual presence that binds us together. It is His spiritual presence that is changing our lives. It is His spiritual presence that is working through us, reaching out to other lives, and showing to the world that God exists, and He can be found.

THE PERENNIAL PRESENCE – Now, the very good news is that this presence is perennial.He will be with us forever. He is with us all the time. There is no day off for God. He is present in our lives all the time, no matter if we are young or elderly, awake or sleeping, a believer or not.He is with us. Sometimes we don’t feel His presence, so what? He is there.

Sometimes it looks like He is not there. But He is. In the good times, times of celebration, He is there, celebrating with us. In times of struggle He is there suffering with us. There are some problems in our lives that nobody knows what is going on, but God knows. He is right there in the middle of our tribulation. He is there drying our tears or laughing with us. He is with us everywhere.

Sometimes we think that God is only at the church. We think that He is only in Holy places or special areas where He manifests himself. That is a wrong idea. God is with us everywhere, at the church, at work, or at home.

He will be with us. He will never leave us. He won’t quit. He will be with us all the way. Sometimes we will feel him, sometimes we will see His strong hands working for us, and sometimes we won’t. Jesus said that whenever two or three meet in His name He would be there.

Now in this new dispensation God lives inside of us, so wherever you are that is a Holy place, because God is with you. God is with you in the car, or bus, God is with you in the hospital, God is with you in your office or in your home, and God is here with you right now.

I wish you could feel His presence, touching you and talking to you. I wish you could feel His hands on your head or shoulders comforting you and giving you assurance that you are loved and He will be with you till the end.

Jesus is the Emmanuel, God with us, through His Spirit He is with us here and now, and He will be with us forever.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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