Beatitudes: The Happiness That Nobody Wants – Poor in Spirit – Part 2

Being poor in spirit is more than lacking food, shelter, money, etc. Jesus is talking about a different kind of poorness. It is a poorness that comes from inside, in our spirit. Here are a few more things that being poor in the sprit mean.

  • God, and God only is the One who can save – The poor in spirit is the one who depends totally in God’s work to be saved. This is very important for us to understand that Christianity is an exclusivist faith. Our Reformed faith proclaims Christ Alone.
  • The poor in spirit only receives the free offering from God – That is the best challenge for people from our generation who think they can do something to own the salvation. The poor in spirit knows that they cannot. They just should stretch their empty hands in faith and receive from God the gift of salvation.
  • The poor in spirit recognizes and accepts that it is by grace alone and by faith alone – We depend on the grace and mercy of God. God is the one who decides and operates the salvation in those He wants. This is a humbling situation for us. We have to accept that we do not have anything to do, or anything that we do is not good enough to acquire salvation for ourselves.


  1. The gate to the Kingdom is not only narrow, but also low – that means that few will enter, but to enter they have to bend, to lower their heads, to humble themselves. It is God’s Kingdom, and He decided to make it available through the work of His Son Jesus Christ. And those who would be willing to bow their heads and humiliate themselves will be able to receive and enter in this Kingdom.
  2. The poor in spirit are the ones who will humbling accept that they are not the king and queen in this new Kingdom – They are servants of Christ. Jesus is the King and the final authority in His Kingdom. The question for Christians today is, who has the final word about your life, your family, job, and the other areas of your life? Is Jesus the King of your life or you still in control?
  3. The poor in spirit will humble themselves before their brothers and sisters – This is very important for us to understand and to practice. The Bible tells us that we should consider our brothers and sisters superior to us, and consider us inferior to them. The poor in spirit has a humble heart toward God and his/her brothers and sisters. No matter if they have money or not, if they hold an important social position or not. The Bible is clear that we should consider them superior to us.

Jesus in this beatitude tells us that people, who are poor in spirit, will find a happiness that comes straight from God Himself. They will have a spiritual happiness that nobody can take away from them. They will have a spiritual happiness that is based in the will of God and we will be assured that God is pleased with us.

Poor in spirit, the true humbleness is the first one because without that attitude we cannot move forward in our spiritual life. We can only be received in the Kingdom of God when we humble ourselves and accept the free gift from God in Christ.

The challenge for us during this study in the Beatitudes is to find the Happiness that comes from God. This happiness is totally different from the happiness that we experience in the world. It is not a psychological or emotional happiness; it is a Spiritual Happiness that only God can give to you.

My prayer is that you will during this series find out that happiness.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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