10 Basic Facts About Christian Life – #6

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6. It is a life lived in community

“If you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together.” This is a Kenyan proverb which portrays very well the bottom line of the Christian experience. We are not call to live a life alone. The Christian is not an island. We are called to live in community. It is amazing how many people have the wrong idea that they can live the Christian life by themselves.

In the Scriptures we find many texts showing that the disciples were together all the time. Here is an example: “All the believers were together and had everything in common. Acts 2:44.” They met together, they prayed together, they ate together, they studied together, they worshiped together, and they suffered together. They lived together. The sense of community was very strong for the first disciples.

Unfortunately, our generation, principally here in America, lost that dimension of the Christian life. We find ourselves moving to a very individualistic society, and the culture around us is little by little dictating our way of being a Christian.

The other problem that we are facing is the excess of meetings without deep meaning. Many churches are able to get together and offer many opportunities for their members to meet, but they do that in a social way. They play, they dance, they talk, and they eat, and how they eat. But there is no sharing, no praying, no worshiping, no discipling, no accountability. It would not make any difference if those meetings were promoted by a recreational club or social organization.

Please, do not get me wrong. I love those things that I just mentioned. But being a Christian involves more than that. It means that I will be edified by someone, I will have the company of other disciples in my journey with Christ. I will learn about God and His Word, and how to apply it in my life. I will practice the principles that I learned with the community and I will have someone to oversee my walking with Christ.

The life in community is essential. There is no plan B for it. Small churches have a big advantage in this process if they live the Christian life in community. Large churches struggle with this principle because they cannot create the right environment to provide community life. This is why most of them have a small group program. Sometimes this works, sometimes it does not.

No matter how you practice the Christian life, you cannot do it without community. You have to have people walking with you, helping you, and being helped by you. It is this exchange that enriches our walk with the Lord. So, if you are not part of a community, your Christian life is not complete. We need each other to experience the fulness of life that Jesus gave us.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, if your church does not offer you a small group where you can experience Christian community and fellowship, start one. Just invite some brothers and sisters to get together for prayer, Bible study, sharing, worshiping, and accountability. But remember that this will not substitute for the larger gathering on Sundays. But it will improve your Christian life exponentially.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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