Five Attitudes to Make a Great Advent Season

Advent is a wonderful season, but also can be very stressful. Sometimes we are so caught up with parties, shopping, preparations, that we totally forget about the church.

I know that you already have your system on how you tackle your season. Probably you have your own calendar with all the details in place. But maybe you are one of those free-spirited people to likes to go with the flow. Hey, if one of these works for you, go forth.

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We are so busy during this time that we push church activities to the end of our list, totally forgetting its needs and even our involvement in its programs.

Because of that, I would like to give you five attitudes that will make the best advent for you, your family, and your church. Here they are:

1. Attend the Services – The first attitude that we should have is to make the attendance at the Advent services a priority. One hour per week, will not, and should not mess up your calendar. Make an extra effort to come to church to worship God and celebrate His wonderful gift to us, His one and only Son, Jesus Christ.

2. Invite Someone – The second attitude that should be part of your Advent celebration is to invite someone to come to church. This is a wonderful time of the year, and many people would love to come to church, but unfortunately the churchgoers are not accustomed to inviting anybody. Do you know that more than 90% of people that come to church come because a friend or family member invited them? Yes, make a goal to bring someone with you to every service.

3. Volunteer to Help – As you know this season is very hard on the small group that keeps the ministry of the church afloat. They would appreciate it if you could volunteer to help, even if it is in a small thing. Another way that you could do is to come a little bit earlier and ask someone if help is needed. You also can be alert to see if an emergency comes up. What I am saying is, do not come just to watch the service. Get involved.

4. Give Special Attention to Visitors – One thing that everybody should pay attention to during these times of festivities when the presence of visitors increases, is the welfare of the visitors. Make sure that you notice who is visiting, introduce yourself to him/her. See if they have bulletins, help them to follow the service, make them feel at home. A survey shows that most of the visitors decide to come back during the first 7 minutes in the church.

5. Donate Abundantly – During this time of the year we are more open to giving. Unfortunately, because of our financial struggles and the heavy commitment to other things. the church is taking a big hit in its finances. Make a decision this year to give a special offering to the church, so the end of the year and the beginning of the new one will be less stressful for its ministry.

As you can see, if you take these simple steps you will make the Advent for you, your family, and your church a great Advent. Do not forget that during this season we celebrate the coming of Christ, our Savior and Lord. Put that celebration in the center of your heart, and have a great Advent.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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