Why Read the Bible?

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If the Bible is so massive, so difficult, and so old, why should I read it? Many people struggle with the idea of reading the whole Bible. A small verse or portion here and there is OK, but the whole thing is hard. Because of that we keep picking only the verses that are nice and that we like, and push away the rest. It is crucial for all of us to understand that the Bible has important lessons that we should learn – even though it is a library with many books written over a long period of time by many writers. But there is a central theme that goes through the collection. This is why it is so important to read the whole thing. You do not need to start doing that if you never read it before. but eventually you will need to take that task.

Here are seven reasons why we should read the Bible:

1. There you will find who God is

Our theology tells us that there are two kinds of revelation, one is the natural and the other is the special. The natural revelation is what we can learn about God through the nature and creation. The special revelation is the Scriptures. It is there that we will learn about the character of God, His power, His plans, His providence, and His love for us.

2. There you will find how everything began

The second reason to read the Bible is to learn how God created the whole universe, how everything began. One of the big questions that we, humans, ask and need an answer is, where are we coming from? We need to know how everything started. Without a past our present is dark and the future uncertain.

3. There you will find who you are

The third reason is to find your identity. Are we a product of time and chance? Or we are a special being created by a loving and caring God, who has beautiful plans for us? The Bible help us to find ourselves.

4. There you will find out why the world is so messed up

One of the biggest dilemmas that we have especially in our generation is: how did we get so messed up? How did we get here? Why so much violence, and hatred? The Bible has the answer for that question. It also has the solution. Reading the Bible we discover the steps that the human race took to bring us where we are.

5. There you will find what God did to restore everything

Reading the Bible not only explains the negative about our world, but it gives us the steps that God took to restore, not only ourselves, but the world. The story of redemption is a love story between God and humans. The Bible is the narrative of that love story.

6. There you will find what you have to do to be restored

The Bible also tells us what we should do to receive the restoration that God provided for us. It tells us the steps upward that we should take in our Journey as Christians.

7. There you will find how things will end

Finally, the Bible will tell us how things will end. It is important to notice that I did not mention the “when”. People today, like in every generation, are looking for the date of the end. Jesus was clear that nobody knows about the specific day when this world will end. but the Bible tells us how it will end. If you are curious, take a peek, and look.

I could mention many other reasons for you to read the Bible. But I believe these seven are good enough to make you start your reading.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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