Hidden Blessings in the Middle of Tragedies

Last week we saw, again, a mix of ineptitude from public leaders, government organizations, media weather specialists, and people from the south, for dealing with the cold weather and its tricks. I was on the road when the freezing rain started to come down. It did not take too long for accidents to happen, streets to shut down, and people to get uneasy and desperate. It was a mess, which called the attention of the whole country.

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In the middle of that tragedy we were able to see hidden blessings all over the place, blessings that we see, unfortunately, only when this kind of event happens. Here are some of them:

1. The realization of how important it is to be prepared – The first blessing that many people found was the realization that we must be prepared for this kind of trouble. We normally count on the weather people, government, and agencies to help us and solve our difficulties. We never think that we are the ones that should be prepared, not only for us, but to help others. Sometimes we need a scare like this to make a decision to be prepared.

2. Anonymous acts of kindness – The next hidden blessing that came out of this terrible event was those anonymous acts of kindness. People started helping others without knowing them. I saw many messages in my Facebook from friends that were helped by people that they did not know. Out of no where someone came and gave a bottle of water, pushed the car, offered something to eat, etc. This happened when there were no cameras around, so the faces and the names we do not know.

3. The ability to think outside of the box – The next hidden blessing that was revealed in this tragedy was the tremendous ability that people have to think outside of the box. We were able to see so many people finding a creativity that they thought they did not have. We heard stories about how people found ways to survive, how they used the internet and social media to communicate and help others. That was amazing. Those abilities are inside of us, but sometimes they need a push to come out.

4. Heartfelt prayer for others – This event also revealed our spiritual side. First of all, the heartfelt prayer for others. Every time that I saw a driver struggling with his or her car on the road, a prayer would come to my mind. Every time that I saw those traffic jams on the news I said a prayer for those drivers, for those who were working to help people, etc. Prayer became a normal attitude in those moments.

5. Sincere gratitude for deliverance – Finally, this event brought out of our minds, hearts, and mouths a sincere gratitude when we finally got home. That was the first thing that I did when I parked the car, I thanked God for His deliverance. I recognized that during the whole ordeal, God was there with me, caring, protecting, helping me to find other ways to get home, and bringing me home safe and sound. God is good, and I am extremely grateful to Him.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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