Ineffective Christianity

Ineffective Christianity

Our generation is witnessing something abnormal in the life of the Christian church. We have in our country more than 80% of the people saying that they believe in God, believe that Christ was a real person, and that He rose from the dead, among other things. That is a very high number. The abnormality that we are facing is that these supposed beliefs do not produce anything in our country. We have a totally ineffective Christianity around us. We are not making any difference in our society, and we are not producing any change in our communities.

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There are four questions that can help us to determine the effectiveness of our Christianity.

1. Do you want to have fun or to be a follower? – The Christianity of our time is focused on having fun. Everything that we do in church must come with the “F” label. If not people will look for another place. And this is not only for kids, but also for adults. We want a Christianity and a church where we can have fun and a lot of it. Jesus on the other hand proposed a Christianity where the followers had to deny themselves, take their own cross and follow Him. He also told them that it would be hard, and dangerous.

2. Do you want to watch the service or to be a worshiper? – The other area of our ineffectiveness is the worship. Nowadays people want their church to entertain them during the service. They go there, it is dark so they cannot be identified. They watch the service, go home and back to their bland and boring Christian life. God calls us to be worshipers. Worshipers are people who know who God is, what He did and is doing, and what He wants. Worship is a reflection of our encounter with God. We sing to Him, we thank Him, and we listen to Him. We cannot forget that worship is not restricted to just one hour per Sunday. It is a life style.

3. Do you want to be served or to be a servant? – We are living in a time that people want to be served, and many are willing to pay for someone to do the job for them. Christianity demands involvement and participation. God called all of us to be servants. The problem with us is that we do not want to do that. We want somebody else to do it. Our Christianity is losing its servant heart. In the past you would not need to beg for people to help. They would see a need and they would offer themselves to help. Today this attitude is almost nonexistent.

4. Do you want absorb other religions or to be a herald of the Gospel of Christ? – Finally, our Christianity is becoming ineffective because we are more interested in learning and absorbing other religions ideas, practices, and even theologies than we are to share the Gospel of Christ. We are mixing other religions into our Christianity so that some of us do not know anymore what is Christianity and what is not. The once crystal clear water of our faith now is becoming muddled with foreign ideas. This makes our Christianity ineffective because we do not know in what we believe, and consequently we do not proclaim it anymore.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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