3 things that should move you to serve

You could give me many reasons for not helping or serving someone or your church. I know pretty much almost all of them. Do you know why? Because I used them too, and sometimes I still use them. Excuses such us, “I do not have time.” or “I do not know how to do it.” or “I am tired.” or “I did that in the past, and I do not want to do it again.” You get the idea, don’t you? We just do not want to do it. Sometimes we will get spiritual and involve God in our excuses. My suggestion for you is: Do not do it! It is a risky thing.

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I would like to share with you three things that should move you to serve. By the way, these should move anyone to serve.

1. The call of God – The first thing, obviously is the call of God. Sometimes, we will feel the pressure, not from people, family or leaders, but from God Himself. He is going to be the One calling us to do something. In the Bible we have many stories when God picked a specific person for a specific task. The person had two clear options, accept or rebel. In other words, he or she did not have any option at all, but to obey. In your case it may be something like that. You will feel that you do not have any other option but to do what God is calling you to do. My advice for you is, when that time comes, do not resist, but surrender your will to Him and do what He is asking you to do.

2. Your ability – The second thing that should move you to serve is your ability. You know how to do it. God in His grace gave you abilities, not only physical, intelectual, emotional, but spiritual. Some of us are just capable of doing things that others cannot. Some of those abilities you developed by yourself. Some of them you went to school to learn, and some of them the Holy Spirit just gave to you. No matter how you got them, they are there not for you to enjoy them, and make money with them. They are there for you to use in God’s Kingdom. Those gifts and abilities are tools and instruments to built up the church and to propagate the Gospel of our Lord.

3. The need – If you do not think that God is calling you, or you do not think that you have any special ability, there is one more thing that should move you to serve – the need. I do not know if you already had an experience when you saw an emergency situation and you jumped to the rescue. It does not need to be a life threatening situation, but you saw the need and you felt that something had to be done, and you did it. There are situations in the life of the church and in God’s Kingdom that are like that. We may not be called to do a certain thing and we may think we are unprepared, but sometimes when there is an met need, we should step up to the plate and trust God for the ability to take a swing at it.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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