Four Levels in Mission Involvement

The church is leaving the building. That is the movement that our generation is witnessing lately. Some people are calling for a more missional approach. We are not stuck inside a building waiting for people to come. We are going out to join God in His mission in this world.

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While some people are still resisting this concept, others are diving headfirst. Even though this is not a new idea, for some churches it seems a radical step. Because most of our churches have their ministries concentrated in their buildings and properties, going out and getting involved in mission work is a huge leap, and our members are not prepared for that.

There are, at least, four levels in mission involvement, and anybody should be able to be involved in one or more of them. Here they are:

1. Pray – The first level is just a prayer commitment. God is the Lord of the harvest, and we learn in the Bible that He is omnipresent and omnipotent. This means that wherever we are we can make a difference, through prayer in any part of the world. Prayer is a strong weapon in mission. If you want to have just this involvement, get information about the church, mission organization, missionary, and the people that you want to see reached, and start praying on a regular basis for them. Maybe you can start a prayer group and invite other people to join you in prayer.

2. Support – The second level of involvement is to support. Everybody can pray. So the excuse for not getting involved does not exist. But some people can take mission involvement to the next level. They can support. Some people, beside giving to their local church, can make a commitment to support mission programs. Do not forget that giving to your church is a way of supporting mission activity. But sometimes God calls people to send money, or supplies to missionaries or mission organizations. Please be sure that the missionary and the organization are legitimate.

3. Send – The third level of involvement is to send missionaries. You can do this through your church, your denomination, or being part of a mission organization. This level involves many details that go from deciding where you are going to send and who will be sent. If it is just a mission trip, the level of organization will not be that much. But if you are sending someone to the mission field, then you will have more things to take into consideration. If the person is going with his/her family, this will require more planning. If you want to participate in sending missionaries, you should talk with your pastor and your local church. Maybe they already have something in place and need more people to help.

4. Go – The final level is the one that is totally up to God, the Lord of the Harvest. He is the one who calls and sends. We, the local churches, and the missions organizations, are just the instruments. If God is calling you to go somewhere or get involved in a ministry or mission, you will have to pray about, and to talk with people who walk with the Lord and know you, and with your pastor and elders of your church. If you are married, talk with your spouse and children. This kind of decision should never be done alone. Maybe He is calling you to go on a mission trip. Do not be afraid, go. It is a wonderful experience that can be an eye-opener and enrich your life tremendously.

To sum up: every Christian should be involved in mission. So find your level and start working.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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