The Easter Monday

Okay, the party is over. Let us go back to work, school, house chores, etc. It is Monday, actually is called Easter Monday, but for us is just another Monday. We need to get busy.

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On Easter Sunday we celebrate the victory of Christ over death. That is a tremendous feat. With His death and resurrection He accomplished salvation for us. We were separated from God because of our sins, shortcomings, and failures. Jesus, through His sacrifice and resurrection was able to atone, forgive, and reconnect us to God. That is wonderful.

Because of that, churches have special services with good music, people dress their best, and they really come to church. This is one of the few Sundays, the other one is Christmas, that most of the Christians attend church. Afterwards families gather together for a meal. Evening comes, we go home, and that is it. There it goes, another Easter Sunday.

But on Monday, things are totally different from the excitement of Sunday. We go back to the normal pace. But Jesus is alive! This truth should have implications for our whole life, not only Sunday, but Monday and every day of the week.

If Jesus is really alive how can we make that part of our daily lives? Let me give you some suggestions:

1. Listen to His teachings – The first attitude that we should have is to learn more about Jesus. Make an effort to read and learn the gospels in the next months. There are just four Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Just start reading them. If you never read the Gospel, start with John, and after that you can pick any other. In these books you will see the real Jesus, not the one that people are painting and interpreting, and making caricature of. The Gospels are the main, and most important fountain of information about the real Jesus. If you want to learn about Him and His teachings that is the place to start.

2. Apply His teachings in your life – The second step is to mold your life based on His teachings. What Jesus said is life-changing. His teachings are revolutionary. If you start, even little by little to put those teachings in your daily life, you will see the extraordinary difference they will make. His teachings are not only about spiritual life. They involve every aspect of human life. If Jesus is what He said He is, and if He really did what He said He would do, then our only option is to obey Him, and to do whatever He asks us to do.

3. Commune with Him on a regular basis – If He is alive, time and space is not a barrier anymore. Because of that we can talk with Him all the time, anywhere. That is the beauty of the Christian belief that God now is residing in our hearts. Through the work of the Holy Spirit, Christ lives in us, so in this way I can have a conversation with Him anytime I want or I need. Ins’t that great? Because Jesus is alive, now God is accessible to you and to me. Open your mouth and talk to Him. Maybe you should start with a word of thanksgiving for everything that He has done for you.

Do not forget. Easter is not the end. It is just the beginning.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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