Seven Words That Define Our Journey

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If you have to define your Christian journey in just a few words, which words would you choose? I know that it is very difficult to put our whole journey in just a few words, and my intention is not to simplify our experience with Jesus and our journey with Him. My goal is to help us, using a few words, to describe our journey. Those words are landmarks that keep us on track. If we deviate from the path we can always look back to those marks and words and remember where we were coming from and what we are supposed to do. I chose these seven words to define a Christian journey and to guide us.


The first one is forgiveness. There is no Christian journey without forgiveness. That is the entrance door to the journey. God, through the works of Christ, His Son, forgave us, accepted us, and gave us a new life. Forgiveness put us in a right relationship with God. We are received in his family and can have a relationship with Him. Forgiveness also should mark our lives in relationship with others. We should learn and imitate God and be able to forgive people who hurt us.


The other word that come to my mind is love. Love in the New Testament is always accompanied with verbs like, give, serve, and sacrifice. In our day love is related more to pleasure and feelings. God loved us and gave His Son for us. Jesus loved us and sacrificed for us. This kind of love should be present in our journey. We love God above everything and everybody else. We should demonstrate this kind of love toward our brothers and sisters and toward our neighbors. The apostle John wrote:”We love because He loved us first.”


The third word that should mark our journey is growth. It is a journey, and because of that we are supposed to grow. We do not commence this journey knowing everything. We grow when we read the Scriptures and incorporate its teachings in our lives. God, in His Word, gave us all the instructions that we need to become real disciples of Christ.


The next attitude that marks our journey is worship. You cannot be forgiven, be loved, and read the Scriptures without having a worshipful attitude. God is good, God is great, He accepted you, He forgave you, He adopted you into His family, and He loves you. If the knowledge of these truths do not make you worship, then something is wrong with your heart. I am not talking about worship styles, I am not talking about an event that takes place one hour a week on Sunday mornings. I am talking about the attitude of our hearts that makes us pray, praise, and adore our God and Savior.


It is clear that God did not intend for us to make this journey alone. His plan since the beginning was for us to walk this path with others. This is why we have the church. The church was not a human idea, it was God’s idea. We cannot make it without our brothers and sisters. We need each other. God in His infinite wisdom decided to put us in fellowship with people of different stages in their Christian journey. Some with more experience than us, some in the same level, and some with less experience, and we are supposed to help everyone and receive help from everyone.


Finally the last word that defines our Christian journey is mission. God has a work for us to do. Jesus was clear when He commanded His disciples to go to the world and announce the Gospel and make disciples. There is no other mission for the church than announce the good news and make disciples of Christ. Everything that we do as a church should contain a presentation of the Gospel. When we serve, when we help, when we give, we do those things because God in Christ saved us and He is interested in saving the people who are receiving our work. Mission is proclamation and teaching, and we should not forget that.

Seven words that define our journey as Christians. How those words define your journey? Which one is the strong one in your journey? Which one are you missing in your journey? Which one needs improvement? I pray that the Holy Spirit will touch your heart and help you in your journey.


Pastor Lucas

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