Small shifts that can make a big difference – How you see life after death

What if life does not end here? What if after death we face the Judge of the universe to give an account of our lives? Can you imagine the surprise of those who lived a life without knowing that there is no end? Can you imagine the surprise of those who decided to kill innocent people and after that killed themselves? Can you imagine the surprise of those despots and tyrants who abused their power and destroyed so many lives?

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When we talk about life after death or the afterlife we find many opinions and ideas. There are many options, and people sometimes are not sure which one is the right one. Sometimes we pick the one that is better for us under certain circumstances. Here are the main options on the hereafter:

1. Everything ends here, this is the only life – This is a very strong idea nowadays. People think that life ends here. There is no life after death. This probably explains some of the unthinkable attitudes which people have because they believe they will be able to get away with it, and will not answer to anyone. We can put in this list the murder-suicides, suicide bombers, genocides, etc. Probably some of them think that it will all end when they die.

2. We will come back in another form – This is the belief of Spiritism, Hinduism, and other religions. They believe that life will continue and the people will return. Some believe that they will come back in a different human body, and some believe that they can come back as some other living creature. It is all a process of improvement. Every reincarnation they will get better until they are perfected. This idea is very common in movies and Television series. We see that in horror movies and in dramas, spirits of the departed lingering until they got some kind of peace or justice to be liberated.

3. Everybody will find a way to go to heaven or a sort of heaven – This one is called Universalism by the theologians. Some of them believe that everybody, without exception, will find his/her way to heaven. For them God will forgive, transform, and accept everybody in His heaven, no matter what you believed or what you did. Probably for this group and in the others, hell is right here on earth. As a saying states: “Here you do, here you pay.”

4. There is a place with God and without Him after death – The last option is the one proposed by Jesus and the Scriptures. After death we will be before the Judge, He is a loving God, but also a righteous and just one. He will judge our lives and acts. There will be an accountability for what we believed and what we did. God, through Christ, will preside this court. What we learn with Jesus and the rest of the Scriptures is that there is life after death and that life is eternal.

How big would be the difference if we could just shift a little bit the way we see the afterlife.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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