Meditations on the Gospel Bracelet – Green

Throughout His teachings Jesus used the image of the seed many times. We have the parable of the sower; the parable of the growing seed; the parable to the mustard seed; the parable of the weed and the wheat; and others. The idea is that the Christian life is a seed planted inside of each one of us that needs to grow.

Everything that we have learned about the colors: Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, and White, is just the beginning of the Christian life. The Gospel Bracelet emphasizes that Christian life begins with God, is accomplished by the works of Christ, is received by faith, and produces forgiveness and redemption. Our biggest challenge is to understand that that is just the beginning of the Christian life. Like a seed, we should grow until we die or the Lord comes back.

No matter how old we are or how long we have been walking with Christ, we just need to keep going in our growth. There is always something for us to see, to learn, and to do in our Christian journey.

Here are some elements in our Christian life that we need to launch and improve if we want to grow.

Studying of the Word – There is no substantial growing in our life if we do not devote time to read, meditate and study the Word of God. If you really want to hear what God has to say, open the Bible and start reading it.

Prayer – Prayer is more than just throwing words in the air. When we pray we commune with God. We intercede for other people, we share with Him our needs, and we thank Him for everything that He has done in our lives.

Worship – Our life should be a constant act of worship. Worship is more than one hour per week. Everything that we do should bring glory to God. We also should live in a way that when people see how we live they will praise God and glorify His name.

Fellowship – Even though we need to have our personal time to pray, study the Word, and worship, we cannot forget that we need to do these same things with our brothers and sisters. Fellowship is an essential part in our growth. We cannot live the Christian life alone, we need the faith community.

Discipleship – Are you a disciple? Do you have someone in your life that you consider your spiritual mentor? Do you have a small group that helps you in your journey? Are you sharing with someone what the Lord is teaching you and doing in your life? We all, in one way or the other, should be a disciple and should mentor someone.

Ministry – I have seen a trend that is very dangerous for the church. People are choosing big churches so they do not need to work. They go there watch the service, enjoy the music; the kids have the best program that they can have, and everybody goes home until next week. The word ministry means service. This is one area that we should grow in our Christian life. The Lord called us to serve each other.

As you can see, the Christian life is much more than accepting Christ as your Savior and Lord. It is more than just understanding the message of the Gospel and responding with faith. Christian life is a continuous growth toward maturity in Christ.

Have a blessed week,

Pastor Lucas

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